China-Laos Railway becomes a popular scenic site in Laos

People's Daily Online, April 29, 2022

During the recently-concluded Songkran Festival, or the Lao New Year, which lasted from April 14 to 16, the China-Laos Railway became a popular site for local couples to take their wedding photos. After they shared the photos on social media platforms, the ingenious photos instantly became a hit online.

Photo shows a couple posing for wedding pictures in a cabin of the Lancang bullet train on China-Laos Railway, on the eve of the Songkran Festival, or the Lao New Year. (Photo/People’s Daily)

By choosing the China-Laos Railway for the background of their wedding photos, Lao young couples are able to enjoy the modern transportation facilities, and, in addition, are able to express their hopes that the railways could bring good luck and happiness.

Before the China-Laos Railway opened to traffic, there was only one railway station in Laos and the total railway mileage there was only 3.5 kilometers. Nowadays, the 1,035-kilometer China-Laos Railway not only connects the two countries, but also incorporates Laos into the transport network of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), changing Laos from a landlocked country to a land-linked country.

During the Lao New Year, Lao citizens could experience comfortable, smooth and safe means of transportation, which also added modern elements to the traditional holiday.

Photo taken on April 22, 2022 shows the opening ceremony of the first freight train connecting Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning Province and Laos, being held at a railway station in Shenyang. (People’s Daily/Zhao Jingdong)

Recently, the third Lancang bullet train started operation, offering a wider range of transport options for local passengers. During the Lao New Year, there was a surging demand for passenger transport among Laotian citizens. Though the railway authorities increased the number of train ticket offices and launched more trains in an attempt to cope with the demand, train tickets were still hard to get.

The China-Laos Railway also offers an express logistic channel between China and ASEAN countries, opening up the possibility of building the central route of the pan-Asia railway network.