Myanmar president pledges to upgrade all aspects of education sector

December 9, 2020

Myanmar President U Win Myint on Wednesday pledged to upgrade all aspects of the education sector including human resources, infrastructure, technologies and others nationwide for quality education.

The president made the remarks during the centenary celebration of National Victory Day, which falls on the 10th Waning Day of Tazaungmone, the eighth month of Myanmar calendar. It marks the day when a group of patriotic Myanmar university students started the Rangoon University boycott in order to abolish the colonial education system.

"The National Victory Day is a significant, historic day for the independence movements and the education journey of Myanmar, which deeply reveals the nationalistic spirit of the entire nation," he said.

The president pledged that investment in education will be increased in every corner of the country, especially in the areas where national races are residing.

"We strongly believe that more investment in the education sector means carrying out sustainable development of good human resources and society, which are essential in building a nation," he added.