Electric vehicle charging stations to be placed about 50 to 70 km apart in Thailand

October 28, 2020

The Thai Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday that charging stations for the much-touted electric vehicles (EV) will be placed about 50 to 70 km apart.

The ministry's Energy Policy and Planning Office said it had rolled out a roadmap to boost production of EVs to 30 percent of total auto-manufacturing in the country by 2030.

"We are eyeing an approximate 1.2 million EVs plying the roads by 2030 and is laying the foundation for infrastructure and battery development," Wattanapong Kurovat, chief of the Energy Policy and Planning Office, told a weekly press conference.

"We are abiding by the ministry's policy to reduce fuel consumption and enhance the sustainability of the environment," he said.

Wattanapong said the office was also studying the option of EV users selling extra energy from their batteries to the national power grid, which will help strengthen the country's electricity security. The Thai government will be piloting EVs in public transport, taxis and government cars first, he added.

When demand rises, it will result in automakers, battery manufacturers and makers of EV parts basing themselves in Thailand and ultimately turning the country into an EV hub in the ASEAN region, he said.