About 300,000 grocery stores, restaurants in Thailand join government's co-payment project

October 26, 2020

About 300,000 grocery stores and restaurants in Thailand have so far joined the government's co-payment project for registered consumers nationwide, government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said on Friday.

While some 300,000 grocery stores and restaurants have already joined in the project for each eligible consumer to pay half the price of a product with the balance to be paid by the government, many more are welcomed to follow suit, Anucha said.

About 6.4 million Thais have been so far registered as eligible beneficiaries under the co-payment project, originally designed to accept a total of 10 millions, according to the government spokesman.

About 3.6 million others are expected to join in the project under which they can enjoy the half-price pay for goods, food and non-alcoholic drinks from now until the end of the year, he said.

Purchases of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and government lottery tickets are not allowed under the co-payment project.

However, a maximum of 3,000 baht (about 95.81 U.S. dollars) in total expenses or a maximum of 150 baht (about 4.79 U.S. dollars) in daily expenses is provided for each registered consumer, he said.