Thailand warns migrant workers to renew work permits or face deportation

October 12, 2020

Thailand's Ministry of Labor on Friday issued an announcement in multiple languages advising Lao Myanmar and Cambodian migrant workers to quickly have their work permits renewed before the Oct. 31 deadline, or face stiff punishment and be immediately deported back to their countries.

Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin said he has been very lenient on migrant workers due to concerns of rising COVID-19 cases in their countries, adding that Thailand is experiencing a shortage of migrant workers.

"Please come and apply for the work permit renewals early as there are lots of paperwork to do," the minister said, "if migrant workers don't have the right papers, then they will face huge penalty and an immediate deportation."

According to the Ministry of Labor's September data, 61,193 migrant workers had already applied to renew work permits.

Migrants who fail to apply for the renewal in time may face a fine of up to 50,000 baht (1,610 U.S. dollars) and deportation, while an employer hiring an illegal migrant worker may face a fine of up to 100,000 baht (3,221 U.S. dollars) per illegal migrant worker hired, said the minister.