Thailand plans to provide wellness quarantine for foreign visitors

September 25, 2020

Thailand planned to provide the so-called wellness quarantine for foreign visitors under the anti-pandemic measures at hotels alongside massage and spa parlors, confirmed a senior government official on Tuesday.

Health Service Support Department Director General Tares Krassanairawiwong said foreign tourists will be provided the 14-day wellness quarantine at the hotels where they will stay and concurrently visit massage and spa parlors in their neighborhood.

Nevertheless, all foreigners visiting the massage and spa parlors will be strictly separated from Thai customers under social distancing and anti-pandemic measures, the director general said.

That will be part of the government's Medical and Wellness Program for foreign tourists, who will be obliged to carry a health insurance package upon arrival to Thailand, Tares said.

Many foreign tourists are expected to use the massage and spa services, such as those in southern coastal provinces of Thailand, and may be given a Special Tourist Visa for a long stay allowing a maximum of nine-month stay in this country, he said.

However, the government-run Center for the COVID-19 Situation Administration and the cabinet of ministers are yet to approve the Wellness Quarantine plan for foreigners.