Vietnam's chemical imports down in 8 months

September 25, 2020

Vietnam poured over 3.1 billion U.S. dollars into importing chemicals and more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars importing chemical products in the first eight months of this year, down 8 percent and up 2.1 percent on-year, respectively.

Vietnam's biggest exporters of chemicals and chemical products included China, Japan and South Korea, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs on Monday.

In the eight-month period, the country exported more than 1.1 billion U.S. dollars of chemicals and 921 million U.S. dollars of chemical products, declining 12.3 percent and rising 5.8 percent, respectively.

Last year, Vietnam spent nearly 5.1 billion U.S. dollars importing chemicals, and over 5.4 billion U.S. dollars importing chemical products, mainly from China, said the department.