Restaurants to resume dine-in services in Myanmar

发布日期:2020-12-04 13:48:25

Restaurants and teashops will be allowed to resume dine-in services across Myanmar starting Friday, according to a directive issued by the national-level Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment for COVID-19 on Thursday.

The Myanmar government has eased some restrictions on restaurant business by allowing eateries, excluding those under stay-at-home measures, to offer dine-in services again after running with only take-away services.

A total of 8,017 restaurants and teashops were reportedly listed in a batch of eateries which meet the criteria to resume dine-in services so far and more eateries will be allowed if they meet the criteria set by the health authorities after further scrutiny, the directive said.

Meanwhile, the central committee also issued a directive late Wednesday, saying that civil servants will be allowed to return to workplaces, excluding those who are residing under stay-at-home measures, starting Dec. 7.

The government employees have been working in shifts -- working at offices for two weeks and working from home for another two weeks since mid-September.

According to a latest release from the Health and Sports Ministry, Myanmar has reported 93,600 COVID-19 infection cases with 1,998 deaths as of late Wednesday.